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Gateshead, Rock Staith




Water Transport Site


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

By the late 17th century there were two staiths in this part of Gateshead. Rock Staith belonged to the Liddell Partnership in 1687 and served their Bensham mines. It occupied the site of the present Tyne Bridge. A lease of fields in 1691 to Thomas Grayson of 'Gateside Rocksteath, yeoman' suggests that there was permanent occupation at the staith, and cottages are marked there on a 19th century plan. Together with Dock Staith some 70 metres east, these were collectively known as 'the Bishopps Staiths' suggesting that they originated when the Bishops of Durham controlled the Manor of Gateshead. By 18th century 40 part of the buildings on the site of Rock Staith were used as a warehouse for iron merchants Cargill, Mounsey and Co., with a quay and bond yard to the east. Shortly before the Second World War Joseph Rank Ltd established the baltic Flour Mills occupying the site of both the Rock and Dock Staiths.




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