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Newcastle, Joicey Engine Works/Forth Banks West Factory




Engineering Industrial Site

Engineering Works

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Documentary Evidence

The firm of J & G Joicey & Co was founded about 1850 by two brothers, James and George Joicey. Their premises, known as Forth Banks West Factory were located on the banks of the River Tyne on Pottery Lane, Newcastle on a cramped site sandwiched between two glass works. George Joicey died in 1856 and his interests in the firm passed to his son, Jacob Gowland Joicey, who became the managing partner and eventually the sole owner. After his death on 1st December 1892 the firm was continued under the same title by his Trustees, James Joicey, Hannah Joicey and J.W. Robinson. Eventually a private limited liability company - J & G. Joicey & Co Ltd - was formed to acquire the business as a going concern, and it was duly registered on 9th November 1900 with a nominal share capital of £15,000 in £10 shares. J & G Joicey & Co were colliery and general engineers, building all kinds of steam engines. Quite a number of these were colliery winding engines and one of them, built in 1855, is preserved at Beamish Museum. All Joicey's products were numbered in a single series beginning at 1. The 'Engine Works' are first shown on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan sandwiched between Plate Glass Works (HER ref. 4881) and Flint Glass Works (HER ref. 4891). On the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey plan of 1894 'Forth Banks West Factory (Engineering)' seems to have taken over the plot of the engine works and the flint glass works. An 'Engineering Works' is still shown on the site on the 4th edition Ordnance Survey plan of 1940.




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