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Tyne and Wear HER(4911): Cleadon, ridge and furrow - Details

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S Tyneside

Cleadon, ridge and furrow



Agriculture and Subsistence

Cultivation Marks

Broad Ridge and Furrow


Documentary Evidence

Ridge and furrow has been identified on aerial photographs held at National Monuments Records Centre, Swindon. At least one area is thought to be medieval ridge and furrow due to its curving form and the fact that it overlies the post enclosure field boundary system. By 1965 these features appear to have disappeared, probably as a result of modern intensive farming techniques. Further areas of ridge and furrow of probable post medieval and post enclosure origin (i.e. 18th century) adjoin this. They have a linear form and appear to respect the line of the post-enclosure field boundary system. These remains also seem to have disappeared.




<< HER 4911 >> RPS Consultants, 2000, Sunderland AFC Academy, Whitburn Moor, Tyne and Wear, Archaeological Assessment

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