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Tyne and Wear HER(4925): Woolsington Hall, steading - Details

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Woolsington Hall, steading



Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

Group of agricultural buildings north of the listed stable block. The older stone built buildings are the south east part of the group. The main building is a one and a half storey block built of brick with a stone gable. It has a Welsh slate roof with clay copes. The eastern gable was built of stone with some stone on the return wall. The eastern end has an unusual cope detail formed with triangular stones. At the head of this gable a brick chimney has been inserted, maybe a rebuild of an earlier stone chimney. The line of the flue from the upper storey is evident. On the east elevation is an informal arrangement of openings, each with original stone lintels. There is a loading platform on one of the first floor openings. On the ground floor the southern opening is blocked with stone. The building has been extended westwards in brick to at least double its original length. This block has been cut off at its west end and finished with a block work wall when the modern portal frame barn was built. To the south of the central building is a shed with asbestos cement profiled sheet roof. The walls are brick and stone. To the west of this is a farm building with two three centred arches built of brick. The outer wall was to the west. It formed a narrow block of cart sheds.




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