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Tyne and Wear HER(4927): Woolsington, Newcastle Airport, Aero Club House & hangar - Details

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Newcastle upon Tyne Aero Club, Woolsington



Woolsington, Newcastle Airport, Aero Club House & hangar




Air Terminal

Terminal Building



Extant Building

An attractive and unusual art deco building of 1935 by Sir Stephen Easten (paralleled stylistically by a more grandiose airport building at Birmingham). The symmetry of the frontage of the building which faces west onto the airport apron has been broken by additions as has the southern wing which has been extended. The adjacent hangar to the north of the clubhouse is also of pre-war date; constructed along with the clubhouse in 1935. When the airport was officially opened in July 1935, the opening day programme described the clubhouse as containing "a large lounge, dining room, hall, buffet, sanitary conveniences for both sexes, residential accomodation for the steward and sleeping quarters for a limited number of visitors". Along with the adjacent hangar there were originally workshops, offices, ambulance room, petrol and oil stores, a garage for fire tender and a sewage disposal plant.




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