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Throckley, Dewley Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site


Early Modern


Extant Building

Farm with industrial interest. According to a valuer's report of 1875, Dewley Farm had a calf house used for turnips and a turnip house used for boiling. The farm was said to produce turnips of 'extra good quality', 'the best turnips in the north'. Turnips, carrots and parsnips, previously only grown in market and kitchen gardens, were introduced as field crops to feed the stabled livestock over the winter. By 1875 Dewley Farm had a dairy and a cow house of 10 stands and a calf pen. In 1797 Bailey and Culley reported that dairying was important near Newcastle, and the Newburn area in particular was being used for rearing young cattle. In 1885 Dewley Farm had been mechanised. There was a portable engine, threshing machine, French millstones, chaff cutting and corn cutting machines driven by steam power, and powerful steaming apparatus for cooking chaff, straw, meal, turnips and potatoes for feeding the livestock.




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