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N Tyneside

Burradon village





Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

The earliest documentary reference to Burradon is pre 1162. Though the township was quite large the settlement always seems to have been small - 3 taxpayers in 1312; 4 messuages and orchards, 2 cottages, 6 tofeets and gardens in 1570; 3 houses paid hearth tax in 1666. The shape of the village in the medieval period is unclear. By 1793 the township was divided into the East and West Farms, the buildings of the West Farm being on the north side of the east-west 'street', i.e. where the present farm buildings are, and the East Farm being of courtyard type incorporating the surviving medieval tower in its north-west corner. Subsequently, probably in the 19th century, the two were amalgamated and the present house, farm buildings and cottages erected, and the east Farm demolished, except for the tower.




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