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Ouseburn, Ouseburn Bridge Pottery




Pottery Manufacturing Site

Pottery Works

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

The Ouseburn Bridge Pottery was set up by Robert Maling in 1815, having moved his business from the North Hylton Pot Works in Sunderland (HER ref. 4969). The Ouseburn Bridge pottery was sold to Bell Brothers who reopened the premises as the "Albion Pottery". Most of the early pieces were exported to the continent. In 1853 Christopher Thomas Maling took over the running of the Ouseburn Bridge Pottery from his father Robert. The firm prospered and expanded, mainly by producing commercial wares. By 1859 the two kilns at the works were unable to cope with demand and the new Ford Pottery was built nearby (HER ref. 4968). The Heaney Building (now demolished) formed part of the Ouseburn Pottery complex. By 1896 the building was part of the Glass Works complex and by 1916 the west wall was in place. The building was demolished following archaeological building recording in 2010. The flues associated with the Ouseburn Bottle Works were attached to the north wall of the Heaney Building. They remain in-situ following the demolition and are on the Local List.




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