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Newcastle, Manors, Barber-Surgeons Hall




Meeting Hall


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

The Barber-Surgeons had two halls consecutively on this site. In 1648 they leased from the mayor and burgesses a plot in the Manors on which to build their hall and plant a garden with medicinal herbs. In 1730 the Company rebuilt their premises, a seven-bay hall set above an arcaded ground floor. In front to the south, running down to Manor Chare, they had a long narrow garden. The second hall was demolished in 1851 to make way for the railway north from the Central Station. The building was sited immediately south and east of the Holy Jesus Hospital, almost touching it and facing south. After the demolition of this hall, the railway company built a new hall for the Barber-Surgeons at Victoria Street, Westmorland Road (HER no. 4648).




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