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Winlaton Mill, Clockburn Lonnen (Lane)

Winlaton Mill




Drove Road



Clockburn Lonnen was an ancient drove road from Scotland to Durham. The road turned inland here to cross the River Derwent and then to cross the River Tyne at Newburn, the lowest safe fords. The course of the former drove road can be followed alongside the new village of Winlaton Mill and through Land's Wood to Winlaton. This route was used by Oliver Cromwell and his army in 1650, on their way to the Battle of Dunbar {1}. By 15th July 1650, Cromwell's army was at Newcastle. The army had rested at Whickham for two days. The cannon and heavy baggage had been sent via Clockburn Lane, to ford the Derwent at Winlaton Mill, advancing by Birk Gate to Winlaton and Stella, to cross the Tyne at the east end of Stella Haughs, to meet the Protector and the main army on the north side of the Tyne.




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