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Gibside Estate, Banqueting Hall



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Garden Building

Banqueting House

Post Medieval


Extant Building

This Gothic banqueting hall by Daniel Garrett was recently restored by the Landmark Trust. The Banqueting Hall was built in the florid Gothic style with ornamented crockets and a pointed spire rising above the front entrance. The windows were glazed in geometrical patterns. A staircase led to the roof for a fine view. The interior consisted of a spacious dining hall with ornamented ceiling. The floor of pine was laid so that not a nail hole or mark was visible. At each end mirrors were placed in the walls giving an impression of almost endless length. It is first mentioned in accounts in 1741, and referred to in later records as "the Gothick Building". The plasterwork was by Philip Daniel, a Swiss stuccatore. He worked at Gibside from 1743 to 1744. LISTED GRADE 1




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