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Fencehouses, Lambton Coke Works




Fuel Production Site

Coke Oven

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Between 1854 and 1857 a coke works consisting of two ranges of bee-hive coke ovens were established to the north-west of Bournmoor Colliery (HER 4996). A washing dolly for cleaning the coal was also added to the south-west of the coke ovens. A waggonway connected the washing dolly to a three fingered spoil tip of the east side of the tile works (HER 5001). Whellan's Directory for 1856 states that extensive coke ovens at Bournmoor belonged to James Morrison of Roker, Sunderland, who obtained two prize medals at the London Exhibition, and were managed by Thomas Leconste. By 1895 the coke works had expanded considerably with the addition of of a new battery of coke ovens and the extension of the existing two. A gasometer established at the north end of the works may suggest that at this time the gas produced as a by-product was being collected as town gas for lighting. A firebrick works had also been estbalished on the west side of the coke works. By 1915 the bee-hive coke ovens had been demolished and a new by-product recovery coking plant had been erected. In 1947 the coal industry was nationalisedand the running of the colliery and the coking plant passed to the National Coal Board (NCB). In the 1950s the NCB were selling gas produced at the coking plant to the Northern Gas Board. The coking plant continued to operate until 1983 and was demolished soon after.




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