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Stoney Gate, Stoney Gate Pumping Station

Stoney Gate


Water Supply and Drainage

Water Supply Site


Early Modern


Extant Building

Work commenced in 1876. Two vertical compound rotative condensing engines provided the power, steam being raised by three Lancashire boilers fitted with a Green's Economiser. Stoney Gate was eventually electrified, yet two locally built steam winches with a vertical Cochrane boiler survive. Although no two of his stations are alike, Stoney Gate, with its fine architecture is characteristically Hawksley. In most respects, this was the last of Thomas Hawksley's grand designs for the Company because he died in 1893. Built in 1890 to the design of J E Wolfe, resident engineer for Sunderland and South Shields Water Company. The engine house, pumping station, walls, gates and piers are listed. LISTED GRADE 2




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