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Kibblesworth, Hedley Hall Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

A farmstead of mid 19th century. The stonework and architectural detail is unexceptional and the quality of the group does not merit listed status. However, there are aspects of the site which mark it as a good survival of this period of farm development. The building plan follows the standard layout for a planned farm of this period. The principle elements are - the E shaped courtyard with 2 storey barn on an east-west axis with projecting single storey ranges enclosing two south facing yards. A threshing barn and attached gin-gan project north from the 2 storey barn. Freestanding single storey cartshed, stables and workshop with arched entrances. The level of survival of the buildings is high, with the exception of the western single storey range, in which the original stone wall of the inner face has been replaced by brick. Some bricking up of arched entrances has taken place and some widening and heightening of doorways has been undertaken to provide large entrances for machinery. This has led to the intrusion of modern lintels in places. Generally however, the buildings show little alterations from their original form. The roofs have probably been replaced over time but are universally covered with slate. The gin-gan is in-situ, with brick infill between the surviving stone supporting columns. The building is, however, devoid of all machinery. The interior of the buildings have, in general, few features but retain some characteristics of their original designed use. The east-west axis barn contains an upper granary.




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