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Winlaton Mill, Earthworks

Winlaton Mill






In 1995 an earthwork on the scarp above Winlaton Mill was reported by Mr. Bill Farrell as a probable Roman Fort. David Cranstone visited the site in May 1998. The most prominent feature is a bank in the north end of the wood, almost parallel to the Derwent scarp. This appears to return northwest at its north end, but is damaged by former agriculture as it passes into a paddock at the end of the wood, and is then cut off by the railway. The narrow strip between the bank and scarp is occupied by two corrugations parallel to the bank. To the south the bank breaks down into a terrace with a downslope to the south-east. The south end is obscured by dense undergrowth, but there is no sign of any continuation on the same line, whereas two or three corrugations running south-east to north-west form a possible return.




<< HER 5097 >> D. Cranstone, 1998, The View from Washingwells, Roman Fort: An Insight into First Century G?

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