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Monkwearmouth village








Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to Monkwearmouth village is from 1075 when the vill of Wearmouth was granted to Aldwin at Wearmouth. It remained a possession of the priory of Durham until the Dissolution. In 1345 18 tenants held 17 tofts and 1 cottage there; by 1539 there were only 4 named tenants. Its subsequent relationship with the township of Monkwearmouth Shore is not clear, and it is puzzling that the village was not physically related to the church of St. Peter's and its immediate surroundings. Historic maps suggest it consisted of two long east-west streets above the Wear. The north one in the mid-19th century was John Street and Broad Street, now subsumed into Roker Avenue, the south one was Thomas Street and the Causeway. Their west ends lie on the major junction on the Newcastle Road. The east end of the village is Church Street. There is a huge space between them which could perhaps be interpreted as a green. However, the area is now very much rebuilt, making the interpretation of its medieval extent and layout extremely problematic.




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