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Easington Lane, Elemore Pithead Baths

Easington Lane



Mine Building

Pithead Baths



Extant Building

Frizzell designed modern movement brick-built bath house. The modernist detailing around the entrance, railings and staircase are of particular note and the boiler chimney is prominently displayed. One of the earliest references to the building of pit-head baths in the North East Coalfield was in April 1855 when Cramlington Colliery owners were reported to have opened 'warm baths and showers at the colliery for their men'. However, pit-head baths are more a 20th century phenomenon, and a large number of baths were built following the Mines Industry Act 1926. Many architecturally interesting buildings were erected by the Miners' Welfare Committee from about 1933 onwards - Elemore being one of these. A remarkable series of baths were built between 1933 and 1939 for the colleries of Northumberland. In Durham elegant designs were followed at Silksworth, Easington and Elemore, all of which were designed by F.G. Frizzell. Approximately 30 pit-head bath buildings were erected in Durham in the period after 1932, all brick built and most characterized by the dominant display of the chimney and water tank. The impressive external design of the building at Elemore was complimented by an interior of considerable quality - all of which was achieved at a reputed cost of £1500. Few of Frizzell's baths now survive in the region but those at Elemore are now occupied by a small engineering firm. LISTED GRADE 2




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