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Tyne and Wear HER(5115): South Gosforth, St Aiden's Walk, Main Dike Stone - Details

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South Gosforth, St Aiden's Walk, Main Dike Stone

South Gosforth



Commemorative Monument

Early Modern



Large commemorative stone celebrating the successful sinking of South Gosforth Colliery. On the east face the inscription reads "Main Dike distance from pit 319 yds cut 3rd June 1828". On west face "Main Dyke". The stone now lies on a modern housing estate and commemorates a shaft sinking that was achieved with great difficulty. The sinking is described in Hair 1844. Marker stone. Sandstone ashlar. Circa 1828. Round-topped slab about 1.5 metres high. The Main or 90 fathom dike was a serious obstacle to coalmining in Northumberland. An underground ball was held to commemorate this event; each guest hewed a souvenir piece of coal. LISTED GRADE 2




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