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Dunston, Norwood Cokeworks





Coke Oven



Documentary Evidence

Work commenced in 1912 by Teams By-product and Coke Co. Ltd. There were 120 Otto by-product coke ovens coking 300,000 tons pa and producing 225,000 tons of coke. Tar, benzole, sulphate of ammonia and gas were produced as by products. There was also a tar distillery producing a range of products. The works were connected to the NER Tanfield Branch Railway and the Pelaw Main Collieries Railway Dunston Branch. In May 1930 it was taken over by Priestman Colleries Ltd, who owned Watergate Colliery at Lobley Hill which produced much of the coal for the ovens. The plant was nationalised in 1947 and the original ovens were replaced by 66 Simon Carves ovens with increased capacity. In 1957 295 men were employed here including the coal washery and tar distillery. Watergate Colliery closed in 1964 and the ovens were then supplied from the various colleries feeding the Morrison Busty washery at Tanfield Plain and the Derwenthaugh washery at Winlaton Mill. Closure of local coking coal colleries and a decline in the demand for foundry coke led to the closure of the coke ovens on 20 May 1980 although coke stocking from other plants continued until 1984. The last stocks were removed in 1985 and the rail link removed. The tar distillery continued in operation until December 1986 utilising tar from other coking plants in the region.




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