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Ouseburn Viaduct, toll house




Road Transport Site

Toll House

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Site of toll house for a footpath that ran alongside the railway (HER 1063) over the viaduct (HER 4327) in the earlier period of its history. The opening of the Byker Road Bridge in 1878 resulted in the closure of the footpath adjacent to the railway, and then the viaduct was widened to four tracks circa 1882. The toll house was a small and inspicuous building of dressed stone, nicely detailed. It was in a Tudor style with a flat or slightly pitched roof. The windows had characteristic drip stone mouldings above them. There was one floor at track level, and a basement storey below it at natural ground level. It was empty and devoid of any fittings when it was demolished in 1977.




<< HER 5144 >> Tyne & Wear Industrial Monuments Trust, 1977, The Metro Advances, In Trust magazine, issue 4, May 1977

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