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Newcastle, Barras Bridge, Armstrong Memorial




Commemorative Monument




Statue of Sir William, late Lord Armstrong and screen walls depicting some of his achievements. Erected in 1905/6 the life-size statue commemorates the founder of the largest 19th century engineering, armaments and ship building complex in the region. He was also a considerable benefactor to the City. The left hand screen wall shows gunds being lowered onto a ship whilst on the right is Armstrong's Swing Bridge. The statue and relief panels are made of bronze and the surrounding steps, wall, piers and pedestal are of sandstone. Signed by Hamo Thornycroft. William George Armstrong was born in Shieldfield in 1810, the son of a corn merchant. The development of his works from four buildings making hydraulic machinery to a 230 acre site producing steel, ships, munitions and hydraulic equipment was the pre-eminent industrial achievement of Victorian Tyneside. Following the invention of the Armstrong Gun he was made engineer to the War Department and given a knighthood. He spent his final years at Cragside near Rothbury, dying in 1900. His benefactions to the City included the Mechanics Institute, a lecture hall at the Literary and Philosophical Society and Jesmond Dene. He also financially supported the Hancock Museum. LISTED GRADE 2




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