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Tyne and Wear HER(5197): Newcastle, St. Nicholas' Square, Statue of Queen Victoria - Details

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Newcastle, St. Nicholas' Square, Statue of Queen Victoria




Commemorative Monument




Statue 1900 by Alfred Gilbert. Pink granite pedestal with diagonal pilasters and bowed sides, to bronze statue. Seated figure in chair with elaborate canopy and base. Pedestal inscribed with THE THRONE IS ESTABLISHED BY RIGHTEOUSNESS. Unveiled 1903; the gift of W.H. Stephenson to commemorate 500 years of the shrievalty of Newcastle 1400-1900. The statue is actually a replica of the Jubilee Memorial which Gilbert made for the town of Winchester in 1887 (it stands in the hall of Winchester Castle). Gilbert cast the replica for Newcastle in 1900 using the Companie des Bronzes in Brussels. In 1903 a second replica was cast for the British Embassy in Bangkok. LISTED GRADE 2*




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