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Newcastle, Great North Road, Fleming Memorial Shelter








Shelter built of buff coloured sandstone with capped pilasters flanking the opening on the east side. The opening is spanned by a timber beam which supports the timber gabled roof. The timber moulded finishings to the gables and eaves of the roof are in untreated oak. There is an inscription stone inside which states "This shelter - the gift of Stanley Miller intended for the use of patients and their parents visiting the Fleming Memorial Hospital for Sick Children MCMXXVIII". There is an inscription cut into the painted board of the Gable. The lettering has been gilded. It seems likely that this shelter has been repositioned from a different location. It has no clear relationship with the former hospital which has been converted into a business centre. LOCAL LIST




<< HER 5198 >> T. Coulter & R. Ogilvy, in association with City Design, 2002, Monuments, War Memorials, Drinking Fountains - Condition & Recommendatations, p 8-9; "The Fleming Memorial Hospital", Newcastle Local Studies Library, Newspaper Cuttings Relating to Newcastle, Vol 2; Spence and Dower, Oct 2008, Monuments, War Memorials and Drinking Fountains in the care of Newcastle City Council - a report on condition with recommendations for repair and maintenance

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