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Tyne and Wear HER(5216): Newcastle, Great North Road, W.D. Stephens Fountain - Details

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Newcastle, Great North Road, W.D. Stephens Fountain



Water Supply and Drainage


Drinking Fountain




Drinking fountain circa 1901. Signed by Marshall and Tweedy, architects and W. Donaldson, sculptor. In memory of W.D. Stephen 1827-1901, mayor and sheriff of Newcastle, promoter of maritime commerce and temperance and the welfare of the poor. Erected by public subscription. Sandstone ashlar and pink granite with bronze roundel; cast iron railings. Tall sandstone panel, with scrolled date panel in broken pediment, has garland swags to pediment and to flanking high obelisks on deeply moulded plinths. Low flat-coped walls at each side have iron balustrades. Granite basin beneath inscription in main panel with round plaque. The panel above the inscription was clearly intended for the display of a sculpted ornament, probably the bronze roundel identified in the List description. There is now no trace of the roundel. The fixing holes have been filled with concrete. LISTED GRADE 2




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