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Gateshead, Redheugh Park



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Landscape Park

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

The Redheugh estate had belonged to the Redheugh family since before the 13th century. By 1713 the land had passed out of the family. Richardson described the garden, pleasure grounds and plantations as being laid out with great taste. The land was purchased from Cuthbert Ellison in 1836 and by the time it was illustrated on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, a designed layout was established. To the west, plantations shielded the railway which ran parallel to the River Tyne. The southern end of the gardens were on a steep bank which ran along the boundary. The kitchen gardens were protected by sections of walls. To the south of the house the lawn was divided by flower beds. Serpentine walks led around the gardens into the woodland. Eventually railway and industrial activity interfered with enjoyment of the house and it was no longer suitable as a gentleman's residence. In 1850 the estate was put up for sale. This was unsuccessful and the house fell into decay and was finally demolished in the 1930s.




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