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Heworth, supposed Anglo-Saxon coins in a pot




Coin Hoard

Early Medieval


A supposed Anglo-Saxon earthenware jar containing about a dozen stycas of Ecgfrith (A.D. 670-685 A.D.) was found in ?1822 during the digging of a grave in a part of 'Heworth chapel yard' which had never been used for burial. This find was exhibited to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle by the Rev. John Hodgson, then Rector of Jarrow, and thought to support a date contemporary with Jarrow for the foundation of Heworth chapel. In the early 1980s the coins were found to be fakes of the late 18th century or early 19th century, made of metal which had originally been George III pennies. The date of the pot is therefore also now open to doubt.




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