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Gateshead, Gateshead East Cemetery



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Funerary Site


Early Modern



Opened on 16 August 1862. The Church of England and non-conformist chapels survive as does the superintendent's large house (bearing the Gateshead crest and the date 1862) and a lodge. The cemetery is divided into two by a path. Simple grid plan of paths with central circular circle on each side. The most prominent monument is to Mr. Brockett, Mayor of Gateshead 1839-40 and a major local political force of his day. There is also a monument to 222 cholera victims from an outbreak which lasted from December 1821 to November 1823. There is a small recreation ground to the north of the cemetery and the remains of Victorian drinking fountains can be seen here by Sunderland Road and Old Durham Road. LOCAL LIST




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