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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Northumberland Park



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Public Park

Early Modern



During the recession of the 1880s, a Tynemouth alderman, John Foster-Spence approached the Duke of Northumberland for a piece of land suitable for a park. His idea was to provide work for unemployed shipbuilders and create a facility for the town. The park was opened by the Duke of Northumberland in 1885 who planted a Turkey Oak, which still survives. The park was designed by Mr. Gomozinski, the Borough Surveyor. A brochure produced by the Tynemouth and North Shields Corporation in 1923 described the park as "a perfect paradise". LOCAL LIST During 2011 an evaluation excavation project was carried out by The Archaeological Practice Ltd. In conjunction with the local community following documentary research and a geophysical investigation. The possible remains of St. Leonard's Hospital or a later ancillary building were excavated along with the remains of Park Cottage and several post-medieval burials.




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