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Gateshead, Heathfield House Garden



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

In the second half of 19th century a surburban development of substantial villas (mostly for wealthy industrialists) appeared in Low Fell. These villas were set in large grounds. The most elaborate gardens were at Saltwell Towers (see HER 5004), Whinney House (HER 5236) and Heathfield House. The Heathfield gardens were developed by German brothers called Lange. The most notable feature was a circular lake with an island in the centre on which sttod a glass pagoda. A conservatory was built over the dene. An artificial hill was surmounted by a metal eagle. A proposal in 1896 to include Heathfield as an extension to Saltwell Park never happened. The garden was eventually built on for Heathfield School. The house survives, as do the gate piers topped by carved stone lions.




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