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Tyne and Wear HER(5280): Ouseburn, Stepney Bank, John Wood's Stepney Pottery - Details

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Ouseburn, Stepney Bank, John Wood's Stepney Pottery




Pottery Manufacturing Site

Pottery Works

Early Modern


Extant Building

Mentioned in directories of 1877 to 1912. Built to replace the earlier works (HER 5281) on the other side of Stepney Bank, demolished to make way for Byker Bridge. The firm made white, coloured and brown earthenware. The address was 36 Stepney Street. John Wood bought up stock of biscuit ware from Sewell and Company of St Anthony's pottery (HER 4194) when they ceased trading in 1878, and then printed it with his designs. In 1892 the firm became a limited company. A description of 1890 says that the pottery covered 3,500 square yards. It had furnaces, warehouses, showrooms, salerooms and an office. Some 70 people were employed. The pottery was in operation until 1912. A plan of the pottery survives in TWAS. Only three buildings survive - the western end of the block fronting onto Stepney Bank is the caretaker's or Keeper's House - the oldest surviving house in the Ouseburn, then there is the stables (now roofless), mixing house, brownware drying room and packing house. The packing house bears the name of 'Steenberg' who opened the premises after Curries haulage who used the site as a stables and warehouse through much of the 20th century.




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