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Tyne and Wear HER(5295): Kibblesworth, Rifle Range - Details

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Kibblesworth, Rifle Range




Military Training Site

Firing Range




Rifle range and 200, 500 and 600 yard positions shown on Ordnance Survey third edition of 1915. The fourth edition map shows only the bank behind the targets. A site visit in 1992 showed that the brick lined pit from which the targets were raised and lowered is in fact still present as well as the "stop bank" behind. Although the sides of the pit were beginning to cave in, the whole site remains relatively complete and even includes baulks of wood sticking out of the west side of the pit, possibly the remains of the wooden framework to which the targets were attached. The lead core of a .303 bullet was found in the stop bank. There is a small windowless brick and concrete building with a steel door in the wooded area. This is probably an ammunition store for the rifle range. The rifle range was most likely set up by the Beamish Rifle Volunteers who were absorbed into 8th Battalion D.L.I Territorials around 1910. It is probably pre WW1 because at their longest, WW1 ranges were only 500 yards, due to regulations. Similar examples in Barnard Castle and Durham.




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