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Southwick windmill




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Documentary Evidence

There are references to a mill at Southwick from the 14th century, the earliest known being 1345-6 when it was held by John de Hedworth at a rent of £4 13s 4d per term. The tenants of Durham priory in Monkwearmouth, Fulwell and Southwick were obliged to grind their corn at Southwick mill, and the tenants of the mill itself were responsible for its upkeep. In 1580 it was specifically described as a windmill, and a windmill is shown in the "Mill Field", on the north-west corner of the village, on a map of 1777. The 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan (c.1860) shows it still standing there, just east of the junction of the present North Hylton Road and Old Mill Road. The date of its disappearance is not known.




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