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Tyne and Wear HER(5308): Benwell, Condercum Fort, Dedication Slab - Details

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Benwell, Condercum Fort, Dedication Slab




Commemorative Stone

Dedication Slab



Dedication slab, 32 x 23 inches, found around 1789 at Benwell, at site of possible temple. MATR(IBUS) TRIBUS CAMPES[T]R[I]B(US) ET GENIO ALAE PRI(MAE) HISPANO/RUM ASTURUM […/…] GORDI[A[NAE T(ERENTIUS?) AGRIPPA PRAE(FECTUS) TEMPLUM A SO(LO) RES/TITUIT 'To the three Mother Goddesses of the Parade-ground and to the Genius of the First Cavalry Regiment of Asturian Spaniards styled… Gordian's own Terentius Agrippa, prefect, restored this temple from ground-level'. [The Campestres are associated with the campus or parade ground. They were held in veneration by mounted units}. RIB 1334. CSIR 237. Museum of Antiquities 1864.5.14.




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