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Tyne and Wear HER(5328): Benwell, Condercum Fort, possible parade ground - Details

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Benwell, Condercum Fort, possible parade ground




Military Training Site

Parade Ground


Implied Evidence

The presence of a parade ground near the fort is suggested by the altar to Jupiter Optimus Maximum, found with another altar (HER 5306 and 5310) and the dedication to the Matres Campestres (HER 5308). Phillips cautions that the epithet Campester need not refer to the parade ground. The exact findspots of these items is unknown, and they may have come from the temple area to the east. However MacLauchlan's 1858 survey of Benwell shows flat ground to the west of the fort, and excavation thus far (in 1977 and 2001) has failed to locate any vicus buildings in this area. This could therefore possibly be the site of a parade ground.




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