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Tyne and Wear HER(5462): Cullercoats, Brown's Bay, Mesolithic site 1 - Details

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N Tyneside

Cullercoats, Brown's Bay, Mesolithic site 1




Artefact Scatter

Flint Scatter




Two Mesolithic sites were found by a team from Newcastle University, on a training diving session for the Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes Project in August 2003. This site, in the intertidal zone up to 4 metres below sea level, included 13 definite cores, 4 probable cores, 1 5.2cm endscraper, 2 retouched flakes, 1 scraper, 10 retouched pieces, 11 nodules with probable flake removals, 17 probable worked nodules, 33 small nodules and 25 probable flakes. The material is small in size, and most pieces are very worn and rolled. Several of the cores are 'worked out'. Two cores are of a different raw material, possibly discarded when raw material suppies were replenished. Evidence of bipolar working. The large endcsraper fits more easily within an early Mesolithic (or even Late Upper Palaeolithic) assemblage.




<< HER 5462 >> P.A. Spikins, University of Newcastle, 2003, Submerged Mesolithic Sites at Cullercoats, typed note S. Knapton, 2003, Was Fred Flintstone the first Geordie? Evening Chronicle, Thursday September 11, 2003, pp 2-3; K Pederson, Report on the lithics discovered offshore at Cullercoats

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