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N Tyneside

Wallsend, Station Road, Buddle Schools, Handball Wall




Sports Building

Handball Wall

Early Modern



The Buddle School or Wallsend Board Schools (for juniors and infants) were built in the mid 1870s. The handball wall is contemporary with the school. It runs east from the infant boys toilet block, partially subdividing the junior girls and boys playgrounds. It is 18.4 metres long, between 0.45 metres and 0.50 metres thick and 5.8 metres high divided into four bays per face by four stepped buttresses. It is built of yellow snecked sandstone with ashlar buttresses and rounded coping stones. It is presently free-standing to the east, but was once keyed into a lower coped wall. It appears that the wall started life as a standard dividing wall between the girls and boys yards, but was heightened later. The buttresses provided physical support for the wall and they allowed six separate ball games to be carried out at any one time. Markings remain on the junior boys side of the wall - four circles on the central bay and 'wickets' painted onto two buttresses. The date of these markings is unknown.




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