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Newton Garth Farm


S Tyneside

Newton Garths Farm

Newton Garths


Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

There was a 'Garths Farm' in this area in 1714 but this was not on the same site as the present Newton Garths Farm. The present farm buildings probably date to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, but an earlier date cannot be ruled out. The farm is shown but unnamed on the 1840 tithe map. Confusingly, the farm to the north-west of this was called 'Newton Garths' at that time and was in the ownership of Cuthbert Ellison Esquire. By 1855 this farm was ruinous and the name was adopted by its neighbour. The buildings which now form 'Newton Garths Farm' were certainly in existence by 1855, as they are shown on 1st edition Ordnance Survey map in the same basic form which survives today. Three ranges of buildings surround a courtyard, open to the south, with a gin house on the eastern range. The Ordnance Survey second edition shows that the east and west ranges had changed little, but the north and south ranges had been extensively rebuilt and building three was added. Side walls had been added to the horse gin by 1912. The farm buildings were recorded in 2003 in advance of conversion. The floor of building 2 may be original as it shares some characteristics with the late 18th century floors of the stable block at Gibside. The gin house survives but its once open sides are now blocked up with modern bricks. Building 1 probably housed the mechanical apparatus which was driven by the horse gin. Building 2 was probably stables. The roofline of building 2 was raised in the mid 19th century. Building 3 was built in the late 19th century. Building one is of yellow sandstone. It retains narrow ventilation slots and a stable door. Building 2 is built of whitewashed hand-made brick with sandstone gable springers. There is a blocked doorway in the east elevation, and a window in the north. The two stable doors are still in use. Building 3 is made of wire-cut brick construction.




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