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S Tyneside

South Shields, Herd Sands, Barrage Balloon

South Shields



Anti Aircraft Defence Site

Barrage Balloon Site



Destroyed Monument

Barrage Balloon - these were first used in WW1. They forced enemy aircraft to fly high, preventing an easier target for fighters and anti-aircrafts gunners and reducing the accuracy of bombing. Barrage balloons were either positioned around the perimeter of large vulnerable points or were "field sited" - moored over a circular area. They were an RAF responsibility. Equipment was usually mobile and based on lorries. Today the main evidence of their siting on the ground will be a ring of cylindrical concrete tethering blocks. Regional Balloon Centres, which acted as headquarters for the balloon units and storage depots had two unique buildings - a balloon shed or balloon hangar, where the balloons could be test inflated, and the balloon storage shed with gantries over each of its foor doors.




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