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Ouseburn, St Ann's Yard





Early Modern


Extant Building

John Scott & Sons horse-drawn haulage yard and stables on Breamish Street. Built 1886-7 and still used up to 1968. Rare survival of an Ouseburn haulage yard, (there were many such yards in the Ouseburn valley in the 19th century and early 20th century as road haulage at this time was undertaken by horse and cart. Other Ouseburn carting firms included Grearson's of Stepney Road, Dickinson's, Currie & Co, Anderson's of Foundry Lane, Gribbin's, Rankin & Sons and Baxter's. The only other surviving complex is the smaller Stepney Bank Stables) The boundary walls, gatehouse, stable block, workshops, office and sheds survive. The original buildings are of red-brick brick, but they have been altered and extended. The interior of the stable block is of coursed rendered rubble. The blocked sockets for the floor joists of the hay loft are still visible, as are the hay loft windows. Site lies above the Victoria Tunnel and the Quayside Branch Line tunnel.




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