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Tyne and Wear HER(5625): Gateshead, Bottle Bank, Tobacco Pipe Manufactory - Details

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Gateshead, Bottle Bank, Tobacco Pipe Manufactory




Pottery Manufacturing Site

Pipe Workshop

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Shown on 1st edition Ordnance Survey map. During excavations at Bottle Bank more than 1900 fragments of clay pipe were recovered. The pipes and kiln debris recovered from Hawk's Yard were manufacturing waste from the workshop of Henry Walker. This had been disposed of in two pits with other more domestic waste. At the end end of Queen's Yard, a large dump of workshop waste including 'waster' pipes and kiln debris, including the wavy ribbons of clay pipe used as kiln supports. The maker here was George Liddell (1757-1763). Unstratified pipes from this area included pipes made by John Thompson and Michael Parke (who was working 16th century92-1737). The pipes of Thomas Parke (with a date range of 1650-1680) were found amongst the pipes in Smith's Yard. Leonard Holmes' pipes were found in Dobson's Yard. The excavated remains of the foundations of a building may have been that shown on Thompson's map of 1746 on the west side of Mirk Lane. Nolan suggests that the pipemaker may have been associated with the building.




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