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Tyne and Wear HER(5716): Jesmond Dene, grotto - Details

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Jesmond Dene, grotto




Stone Quarry

Sandstone Quarry

Early Modern



Garden created by quarrying. The lower rocks are in-situ but the upper rocks have been deliberately placed on top and cleverly sprayed with a thin layer of concrete to make it look like one big slab of stone. There are also many loose large rocks stacked up on one side. The grotto is entered by a flight of steps to the south and a path from the north. The original path into the grotto, which would have been secluded by shrub planting is now almost entirely covered by rhododendrons. The grotto, with its almost subterranean depths and delicate fern-type planting was intended to be in stark contrast with the surrounding evergreen planting. It was an area to stimulate the imagination and a place for quiet contemplation (Fiona Green). The sound of the nearby waterfall (HER 5698) would have added to the atmosphere. Stone from this small quarry might have been used to build the waterfall.




<< HER 5716 >> Pers. Comm. Jesmond Dene Rangers, 2004

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