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Gateshead, South Shore Road, Kelvin Engineering Works




Engineering Industry Site

Engineering Workshop

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Former engineering workshop (South Shore Engineering Works) of C19 date. May originally have been built as part of the New Woolich Works (HER 4400). Lower sections of the walls are of cut sandstone to a height of 2m. Above this are red and yellow bricks in English Garden Wall. Corrugated iron roof with raised portion of the roof, or lantern, extending the full length of the ridge. Arched entranceway. Arched and round windows. Toilet extension added 1917. A single storey warehouse was built in 1961 and a two storey office extension was added in 1962. The interior retains three cast iron pillars supporting a large extraction or ventilation pipe and an observation or control platform. A modern gantry with steel tracks runs along the full width of the building. Not shown on Oliver's map of 1830, but is shown on first edition Ordnance Survey map of 1862 and Reid's map of 1882. On the second edition Ordnance Survey it is known as South Shore Engineering Works. By 1940 it was part of the Kelvin Engineering Works. Demolished 2005. LOCAL LIST




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