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N Tyneside

Backworth, East Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Demolished Building

Farm building (3 sided courtyard) shown but not labelled on the c.1820 plan of the Backworth Estate. The 1844 Tithe plan of Backworth shows that East Farm extended to 150 acres, one rod and seven perches. The earliest plans show the farm buildings in a single range along the roadside. The steading was rebuilt by the Duke of Northumberland in the 1840s. The farmhouse stood on the street frontage at the west end of the site with the farmyard to the east. The buildings around the yard were used as sheds and stables with a barn in the middle of the range. In 1879 there was an open gin-shed on the north side of the north range. The house and western stable survived into the 21st century much as shown on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map. Site now a residential development - unclear if any part of the farm still survives.




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