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Newcastle, Town Moor, Blue Houses






Early Modern


Extant Building

There were two worker's cottages built on Town Moor land by the Stewards Committee to house the workers and their families who were employed by the Freemen for the various jobs involved with the upkeep of the Moor. These houses became known as the Blue Houses due to the regulation colour of their paintwork. One of the houses still exists on the corner of Dukes Moor, adjacent to the junction of Grandstand Road and the Great North Road, to which it has lent its name - the Blue House roundabout. The other house stood near the junction of Grandstand Road and Ponteland Road, but has been demolished. A low bank marks the course of the wall around the property which is visible as a rectangular platform. Both houses are visible on Thomas Oliver's map of 1852 and the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map. A "Blue House" is mentioned by Charleton at Moor Edge although it is not clear which (if either) this might be. LOCAL LIST




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