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Tyne and Wear HER(595): Bewes Hill, Food Vessel Urn - Details

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Bewes Hill, Food Vessel Urn

Bewes Hill


Religion or Ritual

Death Burial or Funerary Object

Cinerary Urn


Bronze Age


A Food Vessel Urn was found in May 1928 in a sand pit on the north side of Beweshill Lane, and presented to the Society of Antiquaries by Parker Brewis and J.D. Cowen. It is described variously as an 'Enlarged Food Vessel', a 'Food Vessel Urn' and an 'Encrusted Urn'. Its dimensions are 33.2 cm high x 29.3 cm rim diameter x 10.6 cm base diameter, and it displays several decorative features including whipped cord maggots, vertical and herringbone incisions, applied and incised chevrons and horizontal grooving.




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