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Axwell Park, beaker

Axwell Park






Bronze Age


Fragments of an almost complete beaker were found 2.5 feet deep in fine gravel in Axwell Park sand quarry nr. the Blaydon-Swalwell roadon 29th March 1934. The vessel was restored by Russell Goddard at the Hancock Museum, and displayed in Blaydon East Modern School. It is recorded as being in reddish brown fabric with a black core, 16.8 cms tall and 13 cms rim diameter. It is decorated with impressed lines of finely twisted cord on the upper part only and five similar lines on the inside below the rim. No mention was made of a cist enclosing the beaker when it was found, so it may be assumed that it had been deposited with a burial either in a pit or shallow grave. May now be in Sunderland Museum.




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