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Tyne and Wear HER(600): Axwell Park, food vessel - Details

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Axwell Park, food vessel

Axwell Park



Religious or Ritual Container

Cinerary Urn


Bronze Age


A Food Vessel was found in Axwell Park sand quarry near the Blaydon-Swalwell road on 7th September 1934, not in a cist. The pot was subsequently put on display in Blaydon East Secondary Modern School, Shibdon Road, Blaydon. Is was described as a bipartite bowl, 117 mm high and with a rim diameter of 140 mm, in a light brown fabric with black core. The decoration, impressed with a six-toothed comb or serrated piece of wood in encircling lines and chevrons, covers the whole of the outside of the pot. A secondary source claims that it contained cremated bone when found, but corroboration for this is lacking (perhaps in the Hancock Museum Accessions Book). The vessel may now be in Sunderland Museum.




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