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Winlaton, West Lane, School





Board School

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

This excellent and charming example of an early board school, retaining many original features, is the culmination of the more ornamented of the 2 designs proffered by the architect. The slate roof has a dramatically steep pitch and accommodates distinctive flower-shaped windows beneath arched hood mouldings in the gables. Unfortunately a small turret and regularly placed, vent-style hooded chimneys have been lost over the years. The ridge is decorated with detailed terracotta tiles that form an attractive contrast with the mid-charcoal slate and buff sandstone of the walls. It is of interesting plan form, now with a central courtyard, although it was originally on a ‘C’ plan with 2 wings. The specification included the ceiling of the roof to the collar beams, heating by Gill stoves and iron railings to the front, however an historic photograph shows that most of the boundary was stone walling, with only a section having railing atop a plinth wall. It also has a bell that was originally from St. Cuthbert’s Church, Stella. The site cost £250 to obtain, and the building constructed for £5000. It was used as an emergency rest centre during WWII. MATERIALS Sandstone, slate ARCHITECT Mr T C Nicholson BUILDER Mr Thomas March CLERK OF WORKS James Eadie DATES 1877 LOCAL LIST




<> Gateshead Local List X20/LL/281; West Lane Junior School, Winlaton West lane Junior School Winlaton:Centenary 1877 – 1977 (1977)

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