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Axwell Park, walled garden

Axwell Park


Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Walled Garden

Post Medieval



Shown on Ordnance Survey first edition. 60% of the walls of the larger walled garden survive, built of stone and brick up to 3.5m in height. Wall is capped off with stone slabs. The eastern wall contians a single, central doorway. The smaller walled garden is accessed from the larger one by an arched entrance way. A blocked entrance is visible where the eastern wall meets the northern wall of the larger garden. The northern wall is a garden hot wall similar to those known from other eighteenth century gardens such as Gibside and Belsay. It is built with ashlar stone blocks on the northern side and brick on the southern side. The western wall has been rendered presumably when a greenhouse was attached. The hot wall is constructed of brick in stretcher bond, with headers representing where the internal channels are capped. The interior brick face is damaged in a few places, allowing the internal heating channels to be examined. The interior is full of ash and soot. There is a blocked doorway in the hot wall. Clavering House Assessment Centre was built within the walled gardens between 1976 and 1981, demolishing the fromer greenhouses and possibly the gardeners house.




1st edition Ordnance Survey map; G. Stobbs, Tyne and Wear Museums, 2005, Axwell Park - Archaeological Assessment

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