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N Tyneside

Burradon, Burradon Road, Primary School





Elementary School

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Shown on 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map {1}. The school was built in 1861 with a capacity of 400-500 pupils and was the largest school in the area during the late 19th century. The school was built following a disaster at Burradon Colliery in 1860 which killed 76 men and boys. Money from the relief fund was used to build the school. The school was entirely funded by the colliery. It had a news room and library attached which had thirty members. The school had become a Board school (rather than colliery) by 1897 and had 372 pupils. The school was extended in 1904. A stone bearing the inscription BURRADON EDUCATIONAL SCHOOLS 1861, REBUILT 1904 was loacted on the northern gable. By 1906 the school attendance had risen to 450. The school became Burradon First School in 1970. In 1994 the neighbouring Infants School (HER 6076) and the First School became Burradon Primary School. Following the abandonment of the school in 2006 a fire in 2008 severley damaged the building. The building was recorded ahead of demolition in the same year.




2nd edition Ordnance Survey map;The Archaeological Practice Ltd., 2008, Burradon Primary School, North Tyneside, Historic Buildings Recording

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